Kayaking in the archipelago
Photo: Henrik Trygg/Stockholm Archipelago

Practical advice for your sustainable visit

Preamble :

An accessible city for everyone

A systematic endeavor to make Stockholm the world’s most accessible capital city was launched 1999. This important work has continued, and today accessibility is high throughout the city. Find more information about the city's accessibility here.

City of Stockholm's guide to sustainable events

This guide has been created to help organisers hold sustainable events and meetings. It is based on the City of Stockholm’s vision and governing document “The City of Stockholm’s events program”, the goal of which is for Stockholm to be a leading city when it comes to hosting sustainable events. Read more

Offset your carbon footprint

ZeroMission offers an easy to use service for private individuals and small service companies to calculate and climate compensate their emissions directly online. The climate compensation takes place in a portfolio of projects that meet the requirements for certified and verified climate compensation projects (Gold Standard, Plan Vivo) and are designed to prevent, reduce or limit greenhouse gas emissions globally. In addition to reduced climate emissions, the projects contribute to sustainable development in the areas where the projects are located.

You can choose to compensate travel and/or small to medium size events. For larger events, we always recommend that you contact ZeroMision so they can help you assess whether the climate calculator is the right choice..

The climate compensation is calculated and paid directly online and you can download a receipt for the purchase. Click on the link and you will come to an external page with the climate calculator. Offset your carbon footprint here https://zeromission.myclimate.org/en/

A selection of sustainable guides

On our website for visitors, www.visitstockholm you will find a lot of useful information and suggestions for you stay in Stockholm. Below links will take you to guides with sustainability in mind.

Reliable lookouts

To help you orientate in your new destination, keep an extra eye out for these labels. They benefit both the environment, society and your health!

  • Svanen, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel - the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries work as an environmental audit to estimate the lifecycle on products and services.
  • Green Key - an international eco-label awarded to accommodations and other hospitality facilities that commit to sustainable business practices.
  • Rainforest Alliance - to protect the eco-system.
  • Fairtrade - High economic and social standard for workers.
  • KRAV - the label stands for food produced without artificial chemical pesticides, good animal welfare, reduced climate impact, more biodiversity and better working conditions.
  • MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for sustainable fishing.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).