Running at Djurgården
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Facts and figures

Preamble :


To/from Stockholm

- Stockholm Arlanda Airport is a world leading sustainable airport and the first in the world to become carbon neutral in its own operations.

- Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the first airport in the world to be accredited the highest level in a European program that grades the environmental impact of airports.

- Stockholm Arlanda Airport holds an ISO14001 certification.

- “Green approaches”, a system permitting approaching aircraft to descend continuously from cruising altitude to the runway, using almost no engine thrust, thereby saving fuel and reducing emissions.

- Arlanda Airport Express trains, operated 100% on electricity that carry the “Good Environmental Choice-label”.

- Eco-labelled airport coaches (bio gas/ethanol buses). 100% fossil free.

- Only ecotaxis serve Arlanda – an important part of the airport's continual environmental efforts.

- Possibility to go to/from the airport by commuter train.

- Congestion tolls to reduce traffic into the city.

Within the city

- Extensive and environmentally friendly local transport system that ranks among the best in Europe.

- The city’s subway system features more than 100 km track and 100 stations and the entire underground system runs on green electricity

- Well-maintained and modern subway, trams and commuter trains.

- Most buses and taxis run on bio-fuel and/or are eco-labeled.

- 900 km of bicycle lanes and a community rental program for bicycles, E-bikes and E-scooters.

- Stockholm is a compact city with almost everything within easy reach. This reduces the need for transportation and thus carbon emissions - walking is one of the best and most beautiful ways to get around in the city!

Hotels and meeting venues

Accredited hotels

- Stockholm’s hotels are world leading when it comes to environmental thinking.

- Almost all hotels in Stockholm are sustainability accredited by third-party certifying bodies.

Sustainable meeting venues

- Conference venues in Stockholm keep sustainability in focus throughout every part of their operations and most of them are accredited by third party certifying bodies.

- The largest meeting venues are only 10 minutes away by public transport from the very city center.

The leading meeting venues in Stockholm offer a variety of sustainable solutions, for example:

- Stockholmsmässan, holds an ISO 20121 certificate for Sustainable Events and is also the first venue in the Nordic region to join the Net Zero Carbon Events-initiative.

- Stockholm Waterfront, certified by the Green Key, a leading environmental certification body, designed specifically for the hotel and meetings industries. The Waterfront building is also the most innovative in the sustainable/environmental field – more than twice as energy efficient than EU-certified “green buildings”. It’s built from recycled building materials, has sun cells on the roof and unique energy-saving solutions for heating and cooling.

- Kistamässan, an environmentally approved venue – has a number of solutions for saving energy (such as fast-closing doors in the exhibition hall, energy saving lamps and reduced lighting during setup and breakdown).

- The Brewery, certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Sustainable thinking is an important factor to their operation at large..

Eco-friendly food

- Most restaurants in Stockholm strive to operate sustainably and many of the city’s chefs are particularly skilled in this area and put a lot focus on locally produced, organic ingredients, waste reduction and recycling.

- The same goes for the restaurants at hotels and meeting venues.

- Stockholm has one of the cleanest (and tastiest) tap waters in the world. No need to buy bottled water.