Why Stockholm?

Stockholm - Where an urban pulse meets serenity.

Stockholm is a city of contrasts. Trends in music, design, fashion, and technology are born here, and innovations that spread worldwide are invented here.

Stockholm also has a rich history comprising exciting architecture, museums, the Royal Palace and the medieval urban core of Gamla Stan. Trendy bars and world-class restaurants are shoulder-to-shoulder with historic cafés and cozy neighborhood pubs. This is a city of modern galleries and exclusive department stores, as well as small boutiques and unique shops. Stages and arenas attract Swedish and international stars. Large and small events come one after the next.

Stockholm is simultaneously urban and close to nature; water is an ever-present feature in this city where lake and sea meet. Parks and green areas abound, and the distinctive white archipelago boats travel to the islands all year long. The atmosphere is open and welcoming, and diversity and innovation are encouraged.

Stockholm is a city for everyone.

More reasons to choose Stockholm

  • Closer than you think

    Stockholm is little more than a two-hour flight away from major European cities like London and Paris. With direct flight connections from 160 destinations, getting to Stockholm Arlanda Airport couldn’t be easier. From there, it’s just a short hop into the city center.

  • Everything within easy reach

    Stockholm is a metropolitan city of some 2,3 million inhabitants, yet nothing is ever far away. You’ll find world-class venues and a wide selection of hotels, cultural sites, shops, restaurants, cafés and bars within easy walking distance. Not to mention water, forests and unspoiled nature.

  • World class facilities

    With a wide selection of arenas & conference venues and 37,300 hotel rooms, Stockholm is equipped to host any large event. Top shelf technology at the venues and free, high-speed Wi-Fi in the hotels is the norm.

  • Efficient and reliable

    Sweden is one of the best-organized countries in the world, and the Swedes have a reputation for being friendly and reliable. Most people speak English fluently which makes all contacts very easy. Hosting a conference or organizing an event in Stockholm is glitch-free and offers high quality at a fair price.

  • Culture and history

    Stockholm City is built on 14 islands, with water in every direction. It’s a harmonic blend of old and new, ultra-modern and medieval. Take a walk among the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the Old Town and feel the presence of history all around you.

  • Creative and trendy

    Art, architecture and design play an integrated part of Stockholm city life. Music, food and fashion are at the cutting edge and the shopping is as good, or better than, even the largest capitals. And thanks to successful startups like Spotify, Skype and King, Stockholm has become o global tech- and startup hub.

  • City of Science

    Stockholm is one of the most knowledge-intensive and innovative regions in the world and home to two of Europe’s most important technology and life sciences communities. Prestigious universities like KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Karolinska Instititutet attract students from all over the world.

  • Culinary delights

    Modern Swedish cuisine, with its fusion of native recipes and global influences, has gained international acclaim and Swedish chefs have won many prestigious awards in international competitions. There’s plenty to keep you busy after hours too, with hundreds of bars and nightclubs that keep the party going into the early morning hours.

  • The Stockholm Archipelago

    There’s no getting around the fact that the archipelago with its 30,000 islands and skerries plays a huge role in Stockholm’s appeal. The soothing vistas and the sea breeze is the perfect counterweight to the metropolitan feel of the city. Join a guided group, or get away from it all on your own.

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