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Each year Stockholm hosts a wide array of trade fairs, public events, concerts by some of the world’s brightest shining stars, sport events and international congresses and meetings.

Stockholm News & Highlights 2020
A list of the highlights happening in Stockholm 2020Download pdf»

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International meetings, fairs and major events 2019 onwards
This is a calendar with focus on international meetings. Also included are fairs and major public events that might have a big impact on hotel occupancy. Download pdf»

Stockholm- major public events 2020-2021 
An overall view of what’s going on in Stockholm, such as concerts, exhibitions, concerts, sporting events and more. Download pdf»

Searching for a specific event? To get an overview of everything that’s going on in Stockholm, see also our online events-calendar.

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Stockholm's stages and arenas attract Swedish and international stars, and large and small events come one after the next.

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