Photo: Ola Ericson
Photo: Ola Ericson

Travel to and from Stockholm

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By air

Stockholm has four international airports, all with good connections to the city center. The largest, Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is one of the top-ten airports in Europe in terms of on-time performance, while Stockholm-Bromma airport is conveniently close to downtown.

Stockholm Arlanda Airport
Stockholm Arlanda Airport is the primary gateway to Stockholm and Sweden. Some 60 airlines serve non-stop routes to 150 international destinations. The airport is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) north of Stockholm City and once you arrive it´s just a 20-minute journey to downtown Stockholm with the Arlanda Express train. For more information about Stockholm Arlanda Airport, airlines, timetables, VIP Service etc., visit

Bromma Airport Stockholm
Bromma Airport is a small city airport offering domestic flights as well as flights to selected European destinations. It’s located conveniently close to central Stockholm (20 minutes by airport coach), and waiting times are generally short.

Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located 100 km south of Stockholm – right next to the main E4-highway. Ryanair, Europe’s largest budget airline, has established their first Scandinavian base here and a number of other airlines also operate from the airport (80 minutes by airport coach from central Stockholm).

Stockholm-Västerås Airport
Stockholm-Västerås Airport is a smaller airport located just outside Västerås, 100 km northwest of central Stockholm. The airport is served chiefly by the low-fare airline Ryanair, with regular flights to London, Alicante and Malaga (80 minutes by airport coach from central Stockholm).

By boat

Several major ferry lines serve the countries around the Baltic Sea, and Stockholm's harbors are centrally located. Stockholm is also a popular cruise destination and every year around 300 cruise liners from all over the world put in to the city. The approach through the beautiful Stockholm archipelago with its 30,000 islands is an experience in itself.

For more information on Cruise, visit our planning section.

Stockholm’s harbors are the largest in the Baltic Sea with multiple ferry connections to and from Finland, Poland and the Baltic states. The large and comfortable ferries dock at their own terminals, close to central Stockholm.

Stockholm Ports:
- Stadsgården 
- Värtahamnen 
- Frihamnen

The ferry lines arriving and departing from Stockholm are:
- Viking Line 
- Tallink Silja Line 
- St Peter Line

For more information about passenger and freight services from each port, please refer to:

Port of Nynäshamn
The ferry lines arriving and departing from Nynäshamn are:
- Destination Gotland 
- Polferries
- Stena Line
For more information about passenger and freight services from Nynäshamn, please refer to:

Port of Kapellskär:
The ferry lines arriving and departing from Kapellskär are:
- Viking Line 
- DFDS Seaways
- FinnLink
For more information about passenger and freight services from Kapellskär, please refer to:

By rail

High-speed trains are green travel alternatives for getting to and from Stockholm. The Ă–resund Bridge connects Sweden to Denmark and the rest of Europe, making the train journey faster.

Stockholm Centralstationen (Central train station)

Together with Cityterminalen bus station, Stockholm Centralstation is the busiest railway station in the Nordic countries with over 200,000 visitors every day. Services include intercity trains, regional trains, local trains, intercity buses and the Arlanda Express.

SJ (formally SJ AB) is a limited liability company owned by the Swedish state and is tasked with operating profitable passenger rail services, both independently and on behalf of national and regional traffic authorities. SJ's own rail services are primarily long-distance, comprising high-speed and night-train services as well as regional rail services between major cities in Sweden and the Scandinavian capitals.


By road

Stockholm is easy accessible following the E4, E20 and E18 highways.

Just outside the inner city are more than 37 Park-and-Ride facilities close to public transport connections. Leaving your car at one of these will contribute to a better environment; it's cheaper and often a lot simpler than trying to find parking in the inner city.

To take advantage of the low day price, you must park at a Park-and-Ride between 05:00 and 09:00.
More information can be found here.
All the Park and Rides in the City of Stockholm in a map view.

Parking in town
There are plenty of parking garages in the inner city, especially in Norrmalm. Some parking garages charge for the time you have parked as you are leaving. The price is often between 85 and 120 SEK per hour on weekdays. A daily fee (24h) at a garage in the city is usually somewhere in the vicinity of SEK 300.

If you park in a designated street parking, pay attention to the signs.
Parking meters on the street charge by the hour; most take VISA and MasterCard. More information about parking can be found at 

Congestion tax
The purpose of the congestion tax is to reduce congestion and improve accessibility. Congestion tax is charged on weekdays between 06:00-18:29 for vehicles driving into and out of Stockholm city centre and on Essingeleden. 

Each trip in or out from Stockholm's inner city costs between 15 - 45 SEK, depending on the time of day (the maximum amount per day per vehicle is SEK 135). Road toll cameras register all vehicles and an invoice is sent to the vehicle owner at the end of the month.

Find out more about congestion tax in Stockholm here
See hours and amounts here

Charging stations for electrical cars
Keeping in line with Stockholm’s vision of being a fossil-fuel-free city by 2040, charge stations for electric cars have been popping up since 2008. You can find charging stations here,

Due to major public events traffic in the city is restricted certain days. On these occasions we suggest that you park outside the city center and use the public transport. See information about parking above.

To see if there’s anything happening in Stockholm that affects the accessibility, check here: