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Stockholm — the heart of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea

During 2019 just over 12 million passengers took the sea route to and from the Stockholm region. This makes Ports of Stockholm one of the biggest passenger ports in Europe. The largest proportion, around eleven million ferry passengers, were people sailing to and from Finland, the Baltics, Poland, Russia and Sweden’s largest island, Gotland.

Due to COVID-19, the international cruise season at Ports of Stockholm, and in the Baltic Sea, is postponed. All of the stakeholders in the cruise sector and the authorities concerned are working together so that business can return to normal as quickly as possible, but above all else, as responsibly as possible. Find out more here.

Port Information

The Port of Stockholm comprise a number of port areas, of which Värtahamnen, Frihamnen, Stadsgården and Nynäshamn are the most prominent commercially. See the below links for more information about location and quay facts:

Stadsgården/Masthamnen is one of Stockholm's largest ports with extensive ferry traffic to Finland and scheduled cruises to Åland. During the summer international cruise vessels moor here. More info about Stadsgården/Masthamnen

Värtahamnen is one of the largest port areas in Stockholm and serves extensive ferry traffic to Turku, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga. More info about Värtahamnen

Frihamnen welcomes practically all types of port operations to the port. From Frihamnen there are ferries to Saint Petersburg. The container terminal in Stockholm is also located here. More info about Frihamnen

Nynäshamn is Stockholm's most southern port and is located approximately sixty kilometres south of Stockholm. Ferries transporting both freight and passengers depart from Nynäshamn. Nynäshamn also receives the larger international cruise liners that are not able to, or do not want to, go through the archipelago into Stockholm. More info about Nynäshamn

Stockholm the perfect port of call  
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Ports of Stockholm offers quay-berths, facilities and services for ferry, cruise and goods traffic. Ports of Stockholm is also responsible for the development and maintenance of inner-city quays, as well as services for archipelago and other waterborne local traffic. .

The Cruise Stockholm App
The app was developed by Ports of Stockholm and shows cruise ships calling Stockholm and Nynäshamn. 

Port agencies and shore excursion companies 
Are you looking for a port agency or maybe a shore excursion company? In Stockholm you can find many reliable and experienced partners ready to help you. Find your local partner

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Event calendar Stockholm
Each year Stockholm hosts a wide array of trade fairs, public events, concerts by some of the world’s brightest shining stars, sport events and international congresses and meetings. See what’s on during your visit to Stockholm: Whats On in Stockholm!