Visiting Sweden and Stockholm during the covid-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic affects traveling, accommodation, and other activities in Sweden. The City of Stockholm pays close attention to updated advice given by the Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folkhälsomyndigheten) on the coronavirus and cooperates closely with other authorities and municipalities, ready to act on any new developments.

Updated: 20-11-2020

Latest updates:

The Swedish Government
The Government has announced a ban on selling alcohol in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs after 10 pm. The ban applies from 20 November to 28 February 2021.

The Government has decided that as a general rule, it is now prohibited to organize public gatherings and events with more than eight participants (starting 24 November).

Stricter guidelines for Stockholm from 29 October
The stricter advice is applicable until 19 November but may be extended.

Everyone in Stockholm is urged to:

  • Avoid visiting indoor environments such as shops, shopping malls, museums, libraries, swimming pools, and gyms. Necessary visits to grocery stores and pharmacies are allowed.
  • Refrain from participating in gatherings such as meetings, concerts, performances, sports training, matches, and competitions. However, this does not apply to sports training for children and young people born in 2005 or later.
  • If possible, avoid physical contact with people other than those living with you. This means that arranging or attending parties and suchlike is not allowed.

Read more about the stricter guidelines in Stockholm on

Traveling to Sweden

The Swedish Government has decided to suspend non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU. This ban will be in effect until 22 December. This ban has been introduced to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, and to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

The entry ban does not apply to citizens of EU/EEA countries, UK, Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican, or their families, or for travels to Sweden from the EU/EEA area. Furthermore, the ban does not apply if you or a close relative already live here as a permanent resident or hold a residence permit in Sweden or another EU country, or if you have a national visa to Sweden.

Sweden does not require travelers entering the country from abroad to be quarantined or undergo health checks.

For more information, please visit Visiting Sweden during the covid-19 pandemic (

Minimizing the spread of covid-19

Stockholm and Sweden have adopted a strategy that puts a lot of trust in individuals to make responsible choices and keep abreast of official recommendations. Stay up to date on the preventive measures recommended by the Swedish Public Health Agency >

There is no general requirement to wear a facemask in normal social situations, in public places, in public transport, etc.

If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, sore throat, chest pain, and breathing difficulties, please stay inside. If your condition gets worse and you need some healthcare advice, please call +1177 for guidance and assistance.

A selection of useful information is gathered below:

At the bottom of this page, there is also a list of several useful links and telephone numbers.

Stockholm Airports
Stockholm airports follow the European Aviation Safety Agency’s guidelines, which were developed to reduce the spread of infection in conjunction with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Travelers are asked to wear a facemask in the terminals.
Measures to ensure safety at the airports, read more >

Public transport is in operation but may be limited.
Only travel if you are healthy and don’t have any symptoms of a cold or flu. Only make essential journeys and avoid traveling during peak hours.
Please check regional services for details and follow the guidelines. Information from Stockholm public transport SL >

Meetings, Events, and Public gatherings
At the moment, public gatherings and events may have a maximum of 50 participants. Read more about public events here >

Private conferences are not limited to a maximum of 50 people as they are not classed as a public gathering or a public event. For more information, see "Safe to visit" below.

Hotels and Meeting facilities
Stockholm’s hotels and meeting facilities have high priorities on hygiene and safety and have taken a number of measures to enable a safe environment. Examples are providing alternative check-in/check-out procedures, special breakfast and cleaning arrangements, distance markings, actions to reduce crowding, offering hand sanitizers, etc. For more information, see “Safe to visit” below.

Restaurants, Bars and Cafées
Restaurants, bars, and cafes are permitted to operate if adhering to new legislation (offering table service, adjusted seating, take-away, etc.).
From 3 November, the size of a dining party is limited to eight people at one table. Read more about the new rules for reduced crowding in dining establishments at

Safe to Visit - Safety Guides
The Swedish hotel, restaurant, and tourism association, VISITA, has developed safety guides for its members, “Safe to Visit”, to secure a safe and good experience for all guests.
Safe restaurants >
Safe hotels >
Safe conferences >

Shops and Stores
Most shops and stores are open but may have limited opening hours. There may be limits to the number of customers allowed.

Many museums are open but may have limited opening hours (check opening hours before visiting).

Cinemas and Theatres
Some cinemas and theatres are open (check availability before visiting).

Visit Stockholm and the covid-situation
Visit Stockholm follows the recommendations of the Swedish authorities and adjusts its efforts and activities accordingly. This includes ensuring a safe work environment and adjusting the organization’s own travel activities -  employees are encouraged to work from home until the end of the year.

Visit Stockholm continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and will be sharing relevant and accurate information on this site.

Useful Links:

If you are experiencing symptoms like fever, sore throat, chest pain, and breathing difficulties, please stay inside. If your condition gets worse and you need some healthcare advice, please call +1177 for guidance and assistance.

If you're in Sweden and have general questions about the coronavirus please call +46 113 13.